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In the new age of the internet, businesses are forced to deliver rather than depend on high dollar marketing campaigns. In an effort to create the most consumer friendly discount hotel bookings experience, exposes all in its high profile customer reviews.

- Gone are the days when the hotels with the greatest promotional ability could corner the market. Transparency in the travel and tourism industry is among the many ways that the internet has changed the face of business and created a more consumer-friendly marketplace.

“When a website like opens the lines of communication to the individual consumer in the way of customer reviews, all of the dollars that hotels have spent on advertising go by wayside and the experience alone is put to the test,” says Marcel Stillekens, co-owner of

As part of its commitment to extreme consumer satisfaction, the popular European discount hotel booking website has taken numerous measures to ensure that the voices of its customers are heard. “Our goal is to not only provide our customers with the great rates they expect when they arrive, but also the quality of service they expect,” says Stillekens.

Customer ratings and other interactive communication methods have become a characteristic of the new wave of internet businesses. A new age of online businesses realize that even one consumer opinion about a product or service, whether that be positive or negative, is more valuable than countless pages of corporate generated content. Today’s savvy internet consumers have grown to understand the value of the internet to afford this transparency and say they prefer to utilize websites that offer a platform for user interaction in the way of comments, reviews, and voting.

“One out of three of our customers write a review about the hotel in which they stayed. We gather an enormous amount of reviews each day—between 600 and 800 per day. 60% of the reviews which we receive from our customers are from business users. More then 95% is a positive review. The rest is leisure travel, of which comments are also positive but more critical,” Stillekens says.

The company is adamant about a ‘no surprises’ experience for its customers. In addition to the customer ratings on every hotel listing, has designed its business in such a way that travelers don’t pay for hotels until they arrive on-site to ensure that they are never surprised by lower rates at the hotel than were published at the time of the booking.

Listings for London hotels such as the Blakemore that display a variety of customer reviews as well as customer critical information about the hotel’s cancellation, policies about children, credit cards accepted, videos and photos as opposed to corporate marketing material.

Stillekens says that the company’s choice to design its website and business around a commitment to consumer advocacy has proved a huge success with its customer base.

About The European Hotel Specialist - is a Holland-based travel and tourism company that serves over 1 million customers per year. Best Hotel Rates Guaranteed.offers deep discount rates on Spain hotels and other popular European hotel destinations. Per it’s commitment to its customers and the traveling community, offers translation in 23 languages, and charges no reservation fees, no cancellation fees, and no advance payments for trip planners.


Marcel Stillekens